University Foundation Programme

Students are required to obtain FIVE credits at grade C or equivalent in year 11 qualifications, this must in crude the core subjects: Maths English Language and Science.

The course is an International qualification recognised by Universities all over the world and will take place over a full academic year of 3 terms. The course must contain 675 hours of timetabled facilitated lessons. At the end of each term an externally moderated examination is taken in each of the core and optional subjects.

The UFP comprises the following compulsory subjects which are studied throughout the full 3 term programme:

1. Core Maths
2. Communications Studies
3. IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

The students then select FIVE optional subjects relevant to their chosen pathway at university

Students can follow any of the following pathways:

– Social Science, e.g. Business, Law, International Relations
and Accounting
– Arts e.g. Art, Architecture, Literature
– Science e.g. Engineering
– Public Health e.g Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine
– Technology e.g. IT, Computer programming.

Each term the UFP Co-ordinator assists the students to select the relevant options to enable the student to follow their chosen pathway to higher eduction. Throughout the course the students are put in touch with universities to ensure that their progress is being monitored and evaluated to set targets for success.

For further details please do not hesitate to email me or better still arrange a visit to discuss this further.
Best wishes
Dawn Savage