IB Diploma

International Baccalaureate Diploma

The IB is an international qualification recognised by universities and employers all over the world. It is a 2 year programme requiring students to gain at least 5 credits at grade c or equivalent in year 11 qualifications.

IB Diploma requires the students to then:
1) select 5 subjects from the following groups:
i) Language or Language and Literature
ii) French
iii) Business Management/ Economics/Geography
iv)Physics/Chemistry/Biology/ Environmental Science
v) Mathematics
2) Students are also required to take part in Community Service throughout their students and write reports on all of their activities and observations
3) Students are expected to take part in Extra – curricular activities such as sports and clubs
4) Students undergo internal assessments and write External Essays covering their studies throughout the course.
5) Students also study a component Theory of Knowledge, which is a critical thinking exercise to improve their ability to study.

The students are expected to comply with the following learning profile throughout their studies:
They strive to be:
– inquirers
– knowledgeable
– thinkers
– Communicators
– Principled
– Open-minded
– Risk-takers
– Balanced
– Reflective

The students are monitored and facilitated through out their programme by highly trained IB Teachers to become strong Independent Learners.

For further details please do not hesitate to contact me by email or better still if you have the time, please contact me to arrange a visit and discuss this further.

Best wishes
Dawn Savage