School Tour

Dear diary,
Our new school is interesting. There are some things we really love and some we must get used to like the sausage rolls and jogging on Saturdays. We have missed our parents so much but now we must learn to not see them every day. We have made new friends and weekends in school are so much fun because there is a lot to do.
We have interesting clubs like the charity club where we are taught to help others. There is no bullying here which we love very much. Everyone here is nice and friendly.
Yours sincerely,
The Newbie’s.

Dear diary,
We are no more the youngest class in the school. We are now used to our new lessons and we are happy helping out the JSS1’s because we now see how we were when we first came in.
Our matron in the hostel is nice and the menu much better this year. Thank you for the ice cream. We love it!
We hope to have a fantastic time term.
Yours truly,

Dear diary,
Since we started our new school year there are things we absolutely love and things we absolutely hate.
We love: the fact the school encourages us and is open to our ideas and we love the enthusiasm at every celebration assembly.
We hate: the rules even we know they are good for us and will make us better people in the future.
We know that this is an exam year for us and we are working to come out in flying colors !!!!
Talk with you soon.

Dear diary,
So far, this academic year we SS1’s have enjoyed the beginning of the term, we have fun movie nights where we watched very interesting movies. We also had a memorable comedy night hosted by the SS2 boys which we enjoyed.
On the 7th of October we went for the first round of a football tournament hosted by Baze University. As we arrived there the first thing noticed was their lovely football pitch. At 9:00am we began our first match against Sheik Abubakar Academy. They were quite tough in the first round but we picked up quickly. The match ended 5-1 with us in the lead and we were so excited and happy!
On the 21st we shall be playing our next match and we are so looking forward to it.
What a great way to start the term!
Talk with you soon!

Dear diary,
Where do we begin?
This term we experienced a lot of changes some we liked and others…. (which we would like to change but we know that is not happening, it is part of maturing we guess and we do have to cross the hurdles to grow up).
So, we have had fun weekends that make study time totally worth it! We have had fun school to school tournaments alongside the comedy night we hosted. To be honest, this has been one memorable beginning of year.
Now, the fact is being in SS2 is not easy on any of us because of our class workload, (Yes, we do know it there for us to learn and have more options for our future) but we will try and give it our very best.
Besides classwork, the next event we are looking forward to is the Christmas carol and Ball. We know it is going to be awesome and a lot of fun!
Did we mention our fun day? Another event we ae looking forward to. There is so much that has happened but the point is, this term is totally awesome!!!!
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
See you in a bit!

Diary, Diary oh Diary,
It is our final year here and we are extremely excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So far, the term has been a blast and we are only in the 5th week. We have had film shows, comedy nights, ice cream and popcorn nights, football tournaments and college fairs to rival our expectations and an awesome Independence Day celebration! This year could not have been any better and we must say thank you for giving us an awesome start BNA!
We are all pleased with the success of our school and we hope this trend continues. Oh! The SS3’s led the first student assembly talking in the 6 points of character and we were commended by the principal which felt really good. We are looking forward to a lot more like the Christmas carol and fun day keeping in mind that this our last year and we must learn and study hard for exams which starts by the end of the year. (Mock exams).
We have had a wonderful beginning and we hope the term ends on this same note.
Later alligator….