Post Covid-19

May 2020

At this unprecedented time we are doing our best to continue all of our classes during the lockdown.

Each year group is being provided with a ‘real time’ timetable to enjoy full lessons as if they were in the physical classroom.

The students will take timed monitored online CAT tests to ensure that all material taught is tested and feedback provided. This means that the lockdown has not prevented the education process.

This has proved an incredible learning curve for all involved and has been amazing to watch unfold. The children are producing videos and presentations to show their learning.

Once school resumes the online aspect will continue to be a part of our educational process.

As we draw closer to physical resumption I will post the adaptions made by the school to ensure your child is safe and remains well whilst in school.

Bulletins will be updated regularly to ensure safety.

In the meantime please remain safe and well and we look forward to seeing you in person again soon.

Best wishes
Dawn Savage